14 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Anyone You Love

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Though it feels like 2020 just started, the 2021 day of love is just around the corner. We’ve got you covered with gifts you can buy with just a few clicks, for whomever you want to show your appreciation for this year. Even if you’re not celebrating romantically this year, celebrate with a gift for a friend or relative that needs a little extra love this year.

The One Who Has It All

What do you get for someone who already has everything? We selected the best skincare & fragrance products from the best indie beauty brands. Help your loved one stay ahead of the trends.

One Farm By WAAYB One Farm Turmeric Relief Cream with CBD $69.99

Think of it as skincare with an extra boost of relaxation. This Relief Cream is designed to relieve sore joints and muscles with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients and 425 mg of organic CBD, a potent and safe pain reliever.

Bella Vida Santa Barbara Eye Amour Serum $59.99

Gift this rich, hydrating eye serum from Bella Vida Santa Barbara to boost your loved ones’ winter nighttime routine. A blend of Evening Primrose, Organic Aloe, Vitamin E, and organic oils combine in this rose-scented luxurious serum. Trust us when we say they will feel loved and pampered with this gift.

Abel Cyan Nori $150.00

A unique scent perfect for perfume lovers who have tried everything, and subtle enough to satisfy fragrance rookies. This luxury fragrance features notes of tangerine, white peach, sea salt, and musk. While fragrance can be a super personal choice, we know how universally loved this scent is.

The One With Big Boss Energy

Being married to your job was tough even before we knew what a work from home grind was. These gift ideas are useful and convenient, perfect for someone who doesn’t always have time to shop for themselves.

Scully’s Wonderful Stuff Scully’s Pit Kit $20.00

Sometimes working hard means working up a sweat. The easy-to-apply spray deodorant is cute enough to gift, smells minty fresh, and works for up to 12 hours. The Pit Soap is the first of its kind — an exfoliating, deodorizing, and moisturizing soap formulated especially for your pits.

Dermala PATCH Me (If You Can) Targeted Pimple Patch $9.99

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that doesn’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered. These transparent pimple patches heal blemishes and are practically invisible, so they can be worn throughout those long Zoom meetings.

‘Alohi Maui ‘Alohi Golden Oil $57.00

While the boss in your life works long hours to make sh*t happen, this luxury oil works overtime on their skin. Also comes in a purse-friendly travel size for hydration and glowing on the go.

The One Who Deserves A Break

We think everyone that made it through the last 10 months should be legally entitled to free skincare. But, until that dream becomes a reality, gift someone in your life who needs some serious self-care time one of these picks.

Mad Hippie Microdermabrasion Facial $31.99

Gift an at-home spa experience in a jar. Safe, skin-friendly chemical and physical exfoliants (plus probiotics!) team up to reveal soft glowing skin. This is the perfect treatment for the person who only has 10 minutes of me-time.

Province Apothecary Lover’s Oil $32.00

A blend of 10 naturally fragranced essential oils make this massage oil the perfect relaxing gift. Add in an at-home massage for the perfect at-home Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Province Apothecary Radiant Bath + Body Oil $58.00

This oil works double duty, moisturizing and firming when applied to damp skin, or calming the senses and softening skin when added into a bath. After 2020, we all need a little bit of both.

Lotus Moon Skin Care Raw Cacao Mask + Peel $52.00

Gift a facial without having to leave the house. This antioxidant-packed facial treatment hits the skin reset button with the help of superfood raw cacao.

The One Who Slays The Day

If your loved one misses having any excuse to get dressed up, look no further for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift.

Rejuva Minerals Organic and Vegan Lip Gloss $13.95

Glossy, sparkling lips with no unnecessary ingredients or animal products. Comes in two moisturizing colors that will suit any makeup queen’s taste.

Elate Cosmetics Essential Mascara $28.00

An everyday makeup essential gone clean! This subtle brown shade is perfect for everyday wear and day-to-night looks when we have places to go day and night again. For now, it will give the perfect pop to the eyes on that zoom call.

Elate Cosmetics Universal Creme Cheek Colour $29.00

Universally flattering, easy to apply, and vegan, this lip and cheek creme packs a colourful punch. Get a natural flush with no exercise or outdoor time necessary.

The One With Timeless Beauty

Here at Think Dirty, we are firmly pro-aging. We believe in enjoying life, having fun, and taking care of your skin along the way. It’s the only one you get, and sometimes it does need a little extra TLC, especially during the dryer months. This eye cream, with skin safe ingredients that support healthy, moisturized skin, is perfect for anyone in your life aging beautifully.

Eyetitude NoCrowZ Retinol Eye Cream $79.00

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