Gifting Eco-Glamour For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is extra hard this year since most of us are opting to stay home and skip the romantic dinner out. Many of us are feeling some serious pressure to get the perfect gift for the one we love. Don’t worry, because you know the Think Dirty team always comes through with some killer gift suggestions. This Valentine’s Day we have selected the absolute perfect duo to gift. Whether your loved one is eco-conscious, a small business supporter, or just loves to get glammed-up, Elate Cosmetics has you covered!

Since where you buy is almost as important as what you buy, here’s a little background. Elate Cosmetics is a Canadian business founded by Melodie Reynolds. She has been creating innovative beauty products that encourage self-love and empower everyone to make better choices for their daily rituals. With 75% of their products being waste-free they are definitely setting the standard for eco-conscious beauty. Their Perfectly Imperfect program ensures no product goes to waste. They offer slightly imperfect products to be available for purchase at a discounted price. Many products are also available as refills so you can minimize your waste.

Their efforts have been recognized and certified by a variety of external organizations. They are a B-Corporation, meaning that they put people and the planet before profits. They are also Leaping Bunny and PETA Certified. Beyond being eco-friendly, they are one of the most ethically run beauty brands out there. They commit at least 2% of sales to charitable causes each year through their Social and Environmental Impact program. Elate Cosmetics is proving that you can shop responsibly while still looking your absolute best!

Now to introduce the duo that will delight absolutely anyone this Valentine’s Day. The Essential Mascara and Universal Crème are all you need for a complete look.

The Essential Mascara

We love a clean mascara and this one really hits the mark. The water and sweat-resistant formula means you won’t see any racoon eyes, just long beautiful lashes. You can also build up the layers for a more dramatic look. This Think Dirty Team fave also just launched in brown! You can now get a beautiful, natural look in a color that suits your unique coloring.

The Universal Crème

All our Dirty Thinkers know we love a multi-tasking product. Elate Cosmetics Universal Crème is all you need for a sweet Valentine’s Day look. The perfect balance of hydration and pigment will leave both your lips and cheeks with a perfect flush. Pair it with their Essential Mascara in black or brown for a complete look! This product is also sold as a refill so you can minimize your waste. Learn how to contour using blush on Elate’s Instagram or browse their other products and build a full palette.

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