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The scent of a lit, melting beeswax candle is a scent that always sticks with you — its warm honey smell is something you just don’t experience when burning regular candles.

If you’re a candle enthusiast, you’re likely well aware of the benefits. Burning a candle can promote relaxation, set the mood, create ambiance, fill the air with a delicious scent, improve your sleep, and even help you set a ritual. But it’s important to remember that not all candles are created equally — regular candles can contain toxins that get emitted into the air around you. To avoid these toxins, many candle companies have started to create soy-based and beeswax candles instead as healthier alternatives.

Soy-Based Candles

These vegan candles are considered a healthier option compared to regular paraffin wax candles as they are made from vegetable-based wax, made from soybeans. Soy-based candles are considered eco-friendly as they do not create a lot of soot.

Soy-based candles are biodegradable, non-hazardous, and non-carcinogenic, however, the natural scent of soy wax isn’t anything to swoon over. Because of this, soy-based candle companies have to use fragrances, which can be irritating for those with allergies or those who are sensitive to smell. When compared to regular candles, soy-based candles are slightly more expensive but are more affordable than beeswax candles.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles have become an incredibly popular home decor item or gift for loved ones, which we suspect has something to do with its sweet smell and long-lasting burn. These candles are made with wax produced by honeybees and when lit, candles emit a gorgeous, golden glow.

Since beeswax candles have a higher melting point than regular paraffin candles and soy-based candles, they last much longer. They also drip less, making them a favourite among those who like to keep an extra tidy living space. Beeswax candles are eco-friendly, non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable. These candles do cost a little more than the other two types as the collection of beeswax is a more laborious process than just purchasing wax from a supplier.

How do They Stack Up Against Regular Candles?

In comparison to regular, paraffin wax candles, soy-based and beeswax candles are definitely a better choice. The wax used to create regular candles causes greenhouse gas emissions and relies on fossil fuels for production, which means these candles are not eco-friendly. Many companies also add fillers and fragrances to candles that release small quantities of benzene and toluene when burned. Toluene is usually used in paint thinners and can cause skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation with regular exposure.

Even though regular candles are the cheaper option, they are not the healthiest nor the safest.

Which Type of Candle Should We Use?

Natural candles are always the best option as you don’t have to feel guilty when lighting them. Soy-based candles are a great alternative to regular paraffin wax candles but if you really want to choose the most sustainable, eco-friendly option, opt for a high-quality beeswax candle. Plus, the golden glow and honey smell make any candle-burning experience one thousand times better!

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