Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards Winners for 2022

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Our Dirty Thinkers have done it again! We’ve tallied the votes and determined the top 21 clean products on the market today. It’s time to unveil the winners of the fifth annual Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards.

Best Cleanser Winner 🏆

Africology Purifying Cleansing Gel

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Africology’s Purifying Cleansing Gel was voted the clear winner for the best all-natural cleanser of the year. With a blend of natural plant foamers, seaweed extract, and 100% essential oils, it’s a soothing treat for oily, combination, or problematic skin. It works as a gentle makeup remover as well.

Best Moisturizer Winner🏆

withSimplicity Blue Dew — Blue Tansy Infused Beauty Balm

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withSimplicity steals the win with a bright blue moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate, replenish, and combat everything from acne to eczema. Blue Tansy flower is combined with natural oils to fight signs of aging and improve texture for all skin types.

Best Pimple Patch Winner🏆

NOLAHOUR Vegan Micropoint Spot Patch

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Our Dirty Thinkers love the simplicity of these soothing spot patches from NOLAHOUR. Each pack includes 9 circular patches designed to fit over developing or newly emerging pimples. The patches soak each pimple in salicylic acid, green tea, calendula, and witch hazel. You can now zap the pimples with a small dot that is approved by the Vegan Society and has never been tested on animals.

Best Toner Winner🏆

Codex Labs Shaant Balancing Refining Toner

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This is the toner that does it all for oily or acne-prone skin. It thoroughly cleanses the pores of bacteria, oil, and dirt while calming redness, exfoliating, hydrating, and even fighting inflammation and protecting against environmental stressors. Add a soothing scent and clinical trials backing its effectiveness, and you have the ultimate toner that hydrates rather than drying out your skin.

Best Face Oil Winner🏆

The Golden Secrets Youth Beauty Face Oil

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This organic face oil does more than deliver a quick golden glow for a healthier, more youthful appearance. It also helps boost collagen production and supports cell regeneration. If you’re working to restore balance in the protective barrier of your skin, it can help there as well. The ingredient list includes natural plant botanicals that provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more.

Best Eye Care Winner🏆

Eyetitude NoCrowZ Retinol Eye Cream

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Eyetitude’s NoCrowZ eye cream scored its first Dirty Thinker award in 2020, and we’re excited to welcome them to the 2022 winner’s roster. It’s a clean pick if you want to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around your eyes, repair sun damage, or just bring your eyes to life with a more youthful appearance.

Best Sun Care/SPF Winner🏆

Rejuva Minerals Sheer Daily Wear Face Protection — SPF 16

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Meeting the strict standards of Clean Beauty is tough, but this daily-wear SPF did it. It’s a lightweight formula that shouldn’t impact the appearance of your clean makeup when applied first. Your skin deserves protection from the sun, but why not deliver the benefits of hyaluronic acid and firming peptides while you’re at it?

Best Acne/Blemish Winner 🏆

Osmia Spotless Blemish Oil

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When you feel a pimple under the skin or need to quickly reduce the appearance of an inflamed blemish, our Dirty Thinkers recommend this oil from Osmia. It’s a small but mighty bottle of blended essential oils that delivers a little aromatherapy with a bright lemony scent. You can use it up to five times a day if you have a troublesome spot.

Best Face Mask Winner🏆

Qēt Botanicals Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka

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Manuka honey is the star of this nourishing face mask, and it delivers an impressive list of nourishing benefits. From amino acids to zinc, active manuka brings a variety of gifts to your skin. Other natural ingredients like cold-pressed cranberry oil give the mask even more power to remove impurities from your pores and balance your skin tone.

Best Blush/Bronzer/Highlighter Winner🏆

OGEE Sculpted Face Stick

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Our Dirty Thinkers got it right with this certified organic face stick that is GMO-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and allows you to quickly blush, highlight, blend and go. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to look makeup-free without entirely going without just a touch of makeup.

Best Mascara Winner🏆

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara

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Get the long, lush lashes of your dreams with natural dark pigments from berries, black tea, and cocoa. Made with natural ingredients and in a cruelty-free environment, this lengthening mascara is designed to separate lashes without all that annoying clumping. Choose from four shades, including blueberry, black tea, blackberry, and dark chocolate.

Best Styling Product Winner🏆

Qēt Botanicals Natural Shine Serum for Hair

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Revive your hair’s natural strength and shine with this moisturizing blend of natural ingredients that will love your hair without sabotaging its health. The magic partially comes from cold-pressed broccoli seed oil, which helps hydrate your hair without introducing too much oil to your strands.

Best Dry Shampoo Winner🏆

Healthy Body Investment Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo

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Our Dirty Thinkers love this dry shampoo because it contains just five simple ingredients and is perfect for at-home or on-the-go applications. It comes in a simple bottle that you can easily toss in a bag or leave in your car to give your hair a fresh lift whenever and wherever needed. It naturally removes oil from the hair and helps detoxify and exfoliate the scalp naturally.

Best Lubricant Winner🏆

Good Clean Love Almost® Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

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What’s not to love about a clean lubricant that is safe to ingest? This one from Good Clean Love plays nice with latex condoms, silicone toys, and your skin. It’s water-based and includes 95% organic aloe vera, which is the perfect formula for a lubricant designed to leave your natural moisture in place. Let the clean play begin!

Best Body Moisturizer Winner🏆

Bounce Curl Body Cream (Fragrance Free)

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Something amazing happens when your rub this clean body cream onto your skin. It melts and turns into a luxurious oil that hydrates your skin with the nourishing benefits of olive oil, goji berries, and organic aloe. It’s the body cream that doubles as an amazing skin oil, and it’s free of fragrance!

Best Feminine Hygiene Winner🏆

Good Clean Love Restore Moisturizing Vaginal Gel

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Good Clean Love has a clean, natural solution for dry, irritated lady bits. It contains a unique Bio-Match® formula that promotes healthy pH levels without introducing parabens, estrogen, glycerin, and artificial fragrances into your body. The best part is that it works with just six simple ingredients.

Best Wash/Soap Winner🏆

Good Clean Love Balance Moisturizing Wash

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Good Clean Love is stacking up the awards this year, and it’s justified! Their Balance Moisturizing Wash is another great product to soothe and cleanse while encouraging balanced pH levels. Add it to your clean shower collection and start moisturizing and deodorizing with a simple formula that utilizes the power of aloe vera.

Best Fragrance Winner🏆

Hermetica Paris PEONYPOP

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PEONYPOP is a fresh fragrance with raspberry and rose highlights that may remind you of walking through a flower garden when the peonies are in full bloom. It offers a sweet floral scent without the chemicals that are loaded into many department store perfumes. Hermetica Paris keeps it cruelty-free and alcohol-free while delivering an alluring scent in a vegan fragrance.

Best Household Product Winner🏆

Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit

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Return the bright white to your favourite old sneakers, get the dishes washed, and scrub your floors like never before all with this one kit from Branch Basics. It’s a human-safe cleaning system that won’t harm or dry out your skin while taking on the biggest dirt battles in your home. The cleaning concentrate is made with plant-based ingredients and natural flower extracts.

Best Vitamins/Supplements Winner:

Bounce Curl Vegan Collagen Boosting Hair & Skin Gummies

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Animals aren’t the only effective source of collagen supplementation for your hair and skin! Bounce Curl delivers an effective dose of plant-derived collagen in these strawberry-flavoured gummies that promote healthier, stronger skin and hair. They may even help boost your immune system!

Breakthrough Product of the Year🏆

Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit

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Branch Basic’s Premium Starter Kit is the BREAKTHROUGH product for 2022! The brand is family-focused and fully committed to helping everyone achieve a cleaner, healthier home environment. They offer an all-in-one cleaner that you can use throughout your home without worrying about contaminating surfaces or the bodies of your loved ones.

Our Dirty Thinker family is head over heels for the Premium Starter Kit because it offers everything you need to clean your entire home. That includes washing over 60 loads of laundry! One simple solution is used to mix up a bathroom cleaner, general household cleaner, streak-free glass cleaner, foaming wash, and laundry detergent. All you need to make it happen is the kit and water.

And that’s a wrap for 2022! We appreciate all of the Dirty Thinkers who took the time to vote for their favourite clean products. You help us make this world a cleaner, more enjoyable place. We look forward to another successful vote and roundup in 2023.

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