Reviewing the At-Home DIY Avocado Mask

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At-Home DIY Avocado Masks have become very popular on TikTok! We also got a lot of requests to review the effectiveness of this homemade mask on our Instagram story where we asked our audience which masks to review.

You can read our review of the honey lemon mask here.

You can see the full recipe that we used for this mask here.

For ingredients you’ll need:

-½ avocado

-½ tsp apple cider vinegar

-1 tsp honey


-peel and mash avocado

-mix in honey and apple cider vinegar

-apply to the skin

-leave on for 15 minutes

-wash off with warm water

You can watch the full process of doing this mask on our TikTok here.


I personally love avocados! The only thing that bothered me with this mask was the mashing, but I decided to use my blender, which made it easier for me. My skin felt amazing after doing this (it was soft and clean). I would rate this a 9/10 and would recommend this for anyone who is looking to moisturize and brighten their skin!

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