Uncovered: The Secrets to Sticking To Your 2022 Resolutions

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It’s the time of the year where all of us think about how we’re going to change our lives for the better next year. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the problem with most New Year’s resolutions is that it only takes a few days to break them. Not this year! We’re sharing our secrets to sticking to your resolutions in 2022.


Even if your goal is to turn your life upside down and change pretty much everything for the better, the truth is there are only 24 hours in a day. So, to help you achieve your resolutions, it’s worth prioritizing the ones that really matter to you.

This doesn’t mean that you end up achieving less. On the contrary, by focusing on your true priorities, you’re making it easier for yourself to find the time to do the things you set out to do. Prioritize based on how achievable and how far up the list your goals are to figure out an ideal end goal.

Be Honest and Realistic

You know yourself better than anyone else. What’s the intention of your goal? If you’re looking to add in more physical activity this year, start by making realistic changes. Perhaps your goal is to start running, which is an achievable goal. But it’s also a long way from not exercising at all.

If you want to set bigger goals, go for it and break them down into smaller sub-goals and make sure it’s suitable to your lifestyle. If you’re the type to wind down and accidentally spend the whole day in front of a screen, find ways to hold yourself accountable. Join a club or class to keep you accountable or carve out time to work on your goals on a daily basis and stick to a schedule.

Here are some apps that you can use to schedule your day:

  1. Fantastical
  2. Time Page by Moleskin
  3. Google Calendar

Tip: rather than trying to fit your new year’s resolution into your lifestyle, schedule, and frame your day to revolve around your resolution instead.

Reward Yourself

Setting realistic goals is closely linked to celebrating the progress you make. Ever had thoughts like “I’ll start tomorrow” after having an off day or hit a rut?

No progress is linear so when that happens, it’s important to be proud of your achievement and enjoy the progress you made.

Think about how you would like to reward yourself. Maybe in the past, you would have had a slice of cake or two? Don’t get us wrong — we love cake. But if transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is your goal, it’s time to re-think how you reward yourself. How about indulging in healthier versions of your favourite dessert or dedicating one day in the month as a “treat yourself” day? No need to go on holiday, you deserve it to celebrate all wins.

Tip: Documenting your progress is a great way for you to see how far you’ve come! It’s a simple reminder of the work you put into the healthier version of yourself.

Forgive Yourself

Sticking to resolutions doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to cheat. Everyone has their off days. If you had a weekend of meeting friends, celebrating, and dancing, chances are you didn’t get enough sleep. Sounds familiar?

Rather than casting aside your resolutions, simply get back to them. We’re all allowed breaks when we need them. Remember, you don’t want to restrict but make small and impactful changes. You may even find that you’re more enthusiastic about your new goals.

Mix It Up

Try to mix up your resolutions. If you’re the type that gets bored easily, working on other mini-goals or 2 bigger goals to achieve. Remember, the goal of your new year’s resolution is to make it sustainable to your lifestyle. Find ways to maintain your goal so it goes from “goal” to your everyday lifestyle. Breakaway from past habits and make new ones this year. Sticking to our healthier lifestyle goal could range from cooking at home more often, switching up your active routine, or even treating yourself to new gear.

Find A Buddy

This is perhaps the most powerful of our secrets for sticking to your resolutions this time. Say it with us, a-ccount-a-bil-ity. Don’t keep them secret, but instead share them with your best friend. Ideally, your accountability buddy is the type of person that makes you go for that run in the rain when you’re dithering. But they’re also your partner in crime when you really can’t resist falling back to your bad habits. Rather than admonishing you, they’ll share.

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions is tough. No matter how much you plan and how hard you try, life simply gets in the way sometimes. When that happens, it’s important to reset as soon as possible and get back to working towards your goals. Share your journey with a friend, and you’ll find it so much easier to hit your goals!

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