The Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide — Day 1

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The Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide — Day 1

Our annual Think Dirty Holiday gift guide has finally returned! We are so excited to share this year’s top Think Dirty approved gifts with you guys. We have been working hard to find the perfect products to make everyone in your life jealous of your gift-giving game (that’s the point, right?). If you’re on a tight budget this year, don’t stress — we have wallet-friendly gift ideas for everyone. If you’re looking to spoil some of your loved ones, great! We’ve included gifts at every price point. Happy holidays and happy gifting!

The Workaholic

The perfect gift for that friend or family member who works way too hard and still manages to look awesome doing it. Help them unwind with these non-toxic products.

Under $25: Basd Invigorating Mint Stocking Stuffer

This is the perfect wallet-friendly but thoughtful gift! The smell is as invigorating as the name suggests and the lotion will leave skin super smooth.

Under $50: Earthley Wellness Nourish Me Naturally Multivitamin Extract

Everyone needs a little extra boost of nutrients and vitamins this time of year, especially those friends who don’t leave the office until 9 pm. It’s pregnancy-safe and perfect for kids too, so everyone can use it!

Under $200: Silk Therapeutics Instant Repair Full Body Therapy

Help them unwind over the holidays with this luxurious set! It comes with an exfoliator, body lotion, and moisturizing lip balm!

The Cool Yogi

Ease some of your guilt for not joining them at those 6 AM yoga classes and grab them one of these clean, health-conscious products.

Under $25: Earthley Wellness Elderberry Elixir

If you have any friends who are into alternative remedies and wellness, this product is perfect! It’s designed to boost the immune system and help fight off colds and flu. It also comes in a kid-friendly formula!

Under $50: Northlore Rosehip Seed Facial Serum

Your friend will love that Northlore’s packaging is environmentally friendly and that their ingredients are sourced from local farmers.

Under $200: Primally Pure Soothing Combo

This combo comes with a soothing serum for inflamed skin and a trendy jade roller! Primally Pure’s products are farm fresh and packed with nutrients.

The Mom-To-Be

Have any expecting friends? Help ease some of their pre-baby stress with these safe and effective products.

Under $25: Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist

This mist from Mad Hippie is the perfect little stress reliever filled with antioxidants and vitamins.

Under $50: Kudarat Chocolate Decadence Body Butter Scrub

Help the mom-to-be in your life destress and relax before the big day with this luxe body scrub. It also helps to nourish the skin with shea butter and plant oils.

Under $200: Primally Pure The Baby Kit

Primally Pure’s Baby Kit can help the expecting mamas in your life get ready for the next stage. It comes stocked with the essentials: Baby Balm, Baby Oil, Baby Powder, and a Baby Bar.

The Outdoorsy Type

Sometimes it’s hard to shop for those friends who would rather be spending time outdoors than inside watching Netflix for hours (can’t relate). These products are low-maintenance, perfect for friends who are too busy being active to keep up a 10-step skincare routine.

Under $25: Province Apothecary Repairing + Conditioning Lip Balm

The perfect little gift or stocking stuffer! It lasts forever and fits in any size bag for any kind of outdoor adventure.

Under $50: Primal Life Organics Coffee Bean Elixir

This low-maintenance serum is ideal for any person who prefers a simple skincare routine. It’s packed with antioxidants that hydrate and firm!

Under $200: Kino CBD Pain Cream with Gluthianone

This pain cream from Kino is specifically designed to relieve pain after workouts! It uses CBD and gluthianone to help with tight muscles or injury.

Didn’t see what you’re looking for? Stay tuned for more amazing gift ideas tomorrow! In the meantime, check out our Holiday Beauty Box! It is the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Shipping deadline is December 7th.

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