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Hey Clean Queens, Shanen here from Think Dirty, and I’m going to show you guys a sneak peek into my makeup bag! One way to get to know a girl is to see what’s in her bag so here’s me!‍♀️

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I’ve recently been really into painting my nails so hand care has become important to me. I’m obsessed with Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Milk Hand Lotion because it sinks deep into the skin and keeps them feeling silky smooth. This is a must in my bag especially when we’re hit by the Toronto winter!

Up next is the Laurmé Radiance Mist, their secret ingredient? Unicorn sweat🦄 But for real though, I am all about hydration and looking dewy. Even though I have oily/combo skin, this mist is with me at all times. I like to spray it on my face when I’m feeling dull and looking rough. This mist… is. My. Weakness. It’s dewy, hydrating and magical all in one.

By this point, you’re probably sick of me talking about hydration but girl, it’ll keep me looking young longer so I’m not complaining. With fall in full action in Toronto, my lips always get all crusty from the harsh winds (I know, v attractive). That’s why I am OBSESSED with the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm because it keeps my lips feeling and looking hydrated and plump. Bite Beauty is a go-to for me when it comes to lip products. It acts like a protective barrier against the cold winds plus it gets bonus points for leaving me with super glossy lips.

I’m always on the go so I like to freshen up throughout the day. Meow Meow Tweet Grapefruit Deodorant always has my back (or should I say pits, hehe) especially when I’m running to catch the train. When I’m making my way to work in the sad cold winter weather, I know Meow Meow Tweet won’t let me down (plus no one could tell I just ran a marathon). ‍♀️

Evio Beauty Mascara https://eviobeauty.com/products/mascara
Evio Beauty Mascara Picture from Evio Beauty

If I could only have one makeup for the rest of my life it would be the Evio Mascara. I live for long lashes and Evio Beauty does the job. It literally lasts all day and it’s water-resistant! It opens up your eyes without clumping your lashes and that’s always a cute look.

Glossy plump lips are a must for me! The Dalish Lip Gloss is “my lips but better.” It gives me the perfect shade of nude that I can wear every day!

You know what’s better than having one lip color in your bag? Having two Whenever I want to switch it up and be a little more adventurous, my go-to is the Bite Beauty Lip Stain in Sangaria! You can build it up from a soft blush lip to a bright red and super hydrating so it doesn’t leave me high and dry, sometimes I like to use it as a blush for a little color too.

And that’s it! These are my must-haves in my bag at all times! See ya in the next one ️



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