Think Dirty’s 12 Days of Gifting: Day 6 — The Hipster

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Think Dirty’s 12 Days of Gifting: Day 6 — The Hipster

On the sixth day of gifting my true love gave to me…a hipster cousin! A hard to please bunch who what is cool before it was cool. Getting them the perfect gift is no easy feat. Though it may take some weaving through, there are plenty of original options out there that stray far away from what is mainstream. We have a selection of non-toxic gifts from some great brands for the hippest kids on the block.

Under 25

Cleo & Coco Blue Tansy Deodorant

Blue tansy could not be a cooler ingredient, say hello to the softest underarms ever. This sensitive deodorant is baking soda free, using a carefully calculated combination of coconut derived activated charcoal and bentonite clay making it last all day long. It also has magnets that naturally detox and eliminate odor-causing toxins and bacteria, making sure you stay dry. The blue tansy oil, a Moroccan chamomile will leave you with an intoxicating scent through any winter festivities.

Under 50

Olivarrier Dual Moist Hyaluron Essence

Korean skincare is not only effective but the most upcoming Instagram trend. Olivarrier, known for their super clean yet effective products and insta-worthy packaging is the perfect gift for any hipster. Their scent-free, hydrating essence is packed full with squalane, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, oatmeal, broccoli, and ceramides. These ingredients hydrate and soothe tired, dull skin. Do they love serums? Well, think of this as a greater concentrated serum, that viscously fights antioxidants and rebuilds the skin barrier instantly while soothing and nourishing the skin.

Under $200

Rocky Mountain Soap Fennel & Charcoal Soap Slab

Charcoal is a cool ingredient, it’s no wonder that hipsters seem to love it. This cruelty-free soap by Rocky Mountain is suited for all skin types but works best for combination skin. The activated charcoal, fennel, and fair trade organic shea butter. It has antibacterial properties that great for blemishes. The activated charcoal cleanses while the fennel gives it a dash of sweetness similar to black licorice to perk you up in the mornings. The black and white marbled soap will look great on the sink or Instagram. If the standard shape is a little too mainstream, they can cut the slab into any suitable cool shape.

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