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Ingredient Breakdown: All Things Silicones

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You may have seen many product packages proudly claiming to be silicone-free but what are silicones and should you be avoiding them? Today we break down all things silicone: where it comes from, what it does, and why it is in your products.

Silicon is not silicone?

Yes, there is a difference! Silicon is a natural chemical element...

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The Ultimate Back to School Guide

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It’s that time of the year again- it’s back-to-school! Whether you’re sending your kids off, or you yourself are going back to school, here are our recommended products to get both you and your family back on your feet in time for...

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The Great Color Debate

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When looking to buy makeup, we often take for granted how varied the colors of the products are. But have you ever wondered about where that color comes from? What about the safety of those colors — how do we know that the pigments used are non-toxic? Is there a difference between synthetic and natural pigments? Today we break...

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An Original Hair Product With Only 10 Ingredients

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As a beauty customer, you’re probably used to seeing lengthy and complicated ingredient lists that don’t provide any actual information. This is especially true with hair products, which tend to be packed full of ingredients that are used to develop a product’s scent, texture, or add preservation time.

The unfortunate reality of the situation is that many ingredients used in conventional hair...

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Is Reef-Safe Sunscreen Really Reef Safe?

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If you’ve stocked up on any sunscreen to protect your skin from the rays this summer, you’ve likely noticed that many sunscreens include (or don’t include) messaging on their packaging that reads “Reef-Safe”. If you’ve ever wondered what this term means, or why certain sunscreens are considered safer for coral reefs, this post is for you!

Like many terms and buzzwordscommonly used in the personal...

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