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A Quick Non-Toxic Halloween Treat

beauty halloween how-to makeup tutorial

A Quick Non-Toxic Halloween Tutorial

Trick or treat readers. It’s one of the spookiest seasons of the year. A time where ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are admired and celebrated. A time where you can transform yourself into your scariest nightmare, your favorite superhero, or childhood character.

However, since we’ve all already transformed ourselves into busy bees, planning an elaborate costume or...

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The Elephant in the Pink Room

breast-cancer pink-ribbon prevention

Did you know that every 69 seconds, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. Out of those 200,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer, 6–10% are diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, the terminal diagnosis of the cancer spreading beyond the breasts, and a further 30% of those initial 200,000 will later progress to the metastatic stage. Out of the 40,000 people who die from breast cancer every...

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World Tour of Beauty


There’s no greater way to broaden your horizons than to travel. Experiencing the sights, sounds, and cultures of exotic destinations abroad make unforgettable memories but what’s even better? Experiencing the beauty secrets of the locals. We’ve rounded up our favorite natural beauty products that’ll be sure to make you feel like you’re jet setting on your own private getaway. These products will...

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Products That All Students Need

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It’s that time of year again, the summer nights get cooler, the leaves start changing colour, and students head back to class. Students are some of the busiest individuals juggling academic obligations and extracurricular activities while trying to discover themselves, their career paths, and make some friends along the way.

We’ve added seven Think Dirty verified clean beauty products every student...

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Top 4 Clean-Rated Germ Killers

back-to-school beauty cleaning health kids

Fall can be a great time, between the changing leaves, fall fashion, and apple picking. Unfortunately, fall also means back to school and a whole lot of germs. A fall cold is almost inevitable but you can lessen the likelihood that you or your kids will get sick with these clean-rated products.

Jusu Body Eucalyptus Mint Hand Soap

Available at Jusu Body or on the Think Dirty App

Washing your hands is...

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